The Keyboard Philharmonic (Pre-Launch)

The Keyboard Philharmonic organises music-lovers to revitalise our shared musical heritage, by transcribing public domain music scores of classical and operatic works, into a revisable, reusable, sharable digital form, and making them freely available.

Read more about the Keyboard Philharmonic at Jim DeLaHunt's blog. There are many fine projects which are helping make public domain music scores accessible. But here is how we differ:

  1. The Keyboard Philharmonic is a vehicle for recruiting people and structuring their work for useful results.
  2. The Keyboard Philharmonic emphasises revisable, symbolic digital notation formats over scanned image formats.
  3. The Keyboard Philharmonic aims to give its product away freely.

We are still getting the website and the project started up. For now, please subscribe to our email list for announcements. Also please follow us at @keyphilh on Twitter.

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— Jim DeLaHunt, Executive Director, 21. September 2015